Maternity Wear Mishap


I’m tall by today’s standards, almost 5 ft 9” and finding maternity clothing was a challenge.  I didn’t really start showing until I was almost 6 months along, so I was able to wear a lot of my regular clothing. O.K.,  I know what you’re thinking; she’s one of those skinny chicks!  I wish; actually, I was sick throughout my entire pregnancy and didn’t exactly start the pregnancy as a size  zero.  Let me assure you, not even on my best day!

I combed all the big name stores, Pea in the Pod, Maternity Works, Gap etc. and even combed celeb blogs to find out what the who’s who in hollywood were wearing.  I eventually found a gossip blog showing Angelina Jolie wearing a five piece maternity set that she supposedly couldn’t live without. It was five pieces of clothing you could mix and match that would take you from pregnancy to post pregnancy. I was quickly out growing my clothing, so in a foggy pregnancy haze, I ordered the ensemble thinking it was the answer to my search for maternity wear.

When the package arrived, I opened it as if I was six years old and my parents had bought me my first Tricycle, and soon became disappointed when instead of the Tricycle, I received a Big Wheel (actually the big wheel was pretty cool).  Anyway, the five piece set was ill-fitting, ugly and overpriced. I tossed the purchase aside and continued my search. A few days later when I decided to return the clothing, I realized I had misplaced the receipt. I don’t like clutter, so as soon as I received the package I threw all the packaging away and probably the receipt along with it.  I called the online store and was told that I could only return the clothing with a receipt.  Needless to say, I never wore any of the pieces and quickly gave them to the Goodwill.  Looking back, I wish I would have exchanged the pieces or had the pieces taken in by a seamstress.  Also, I should have realized Angelina was probably being paid to wear the ugly maternity get up! What can I say, I made a mistake; I was a six month pregnant woman with never-ending morning sickness.

My luck soon changed while waiting for a friend for lunch one day, I walked into a local baby boutique and found a Kimono wrap blouse by Olian maternity. It was pricey, around sixty dollars, but I was able to transition from pregnancy to post pregnancy with it.  Heck, I can even wear it now if I pull the strings tight enough.   As for pants, I had one pair of black pants and one pair of jeans, and used belly bands  with my regular skirts to make it to delivery day.

Note to self: When pregnant, never buy clothing on pulse.  Lesson learned.

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