Farmer Girl and the Farmers Market


Image by CLC Photography via Flickr

Little Pumpkin Doodle loves to go the local farmers market on Wednesday to buy her organic carrots.  I’m convinced there is one farmer who purposely grows kid friendly sized carrots so that kids try them.  My hubby and I have tried to ensure that our daughter gets a healthy organic start in life, so we’ve introduced her to edamame, sea weed, hummus and greek yogurt at an early age. (I confess she doesn’t like sea weed and neither do I unless I’m having sushi).  Our hope is that she’ll ask for an apple instead of ice cream.

Alright, I have another confession to make; while planning LPD’s first birthday, I had to convince my husband to let me serve cup cakes at the party. (I know, I know, a complete contradiction of healthy, but it was her first birthday and I wasn’t baking).  LPD’s “Tante/Aunt” Lisa and I stumbled across a bakery and purchased a number of cupcakes to sample, (we had to make sure the cup cakes tasted good for the guests) not intending for LPD to try them.

We (Tante Lisa and I) let her try a nibble of a couple of the cup cakes and she seriously became giddy! Boy did I feel terrible, so it was no surprise on the drive hom when LPD fell asleep in her car seat.

It’s not easy for me to balance sugary sweets and being a role model, but hearing LPD say, “mommy, we go to farmer market today?” puts a smile on my face:) To find a local farmers market in your area visit

Oh, and for those of you that are wondering if LPD had a cup cake at her birthday, she did.  However, she really wasn’t all that interested in them after all, go figure!

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  1. Lisa Kinka says:

    This Blog is AWESOME! It shows that healhy eating can be easy when the child is involved in choosing what she eats. A little later, she will love to cook her choices.


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