Tea for me:)

Now this may upset some readers, but I don’t like coffee, not even the smell.  In fact, when my hubby makes a pot, I open the window in the kitchen to help dissipate the smell. However,  I love tea. Chamomile, Green, Black,  Oolong and White teas. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to limit my caffeine intake. How could I have my cake and eat it too?, research of course!

I found an organic Chamomille that branded itself as a pregnancy tea.  Since I was sick throughout my entire  pregnancy, I didn’t keep much down, so my daily cup of Chamomile tea was a treat.  Once Little Pumpkin Doodle was born, I stopped drinking the pregnancy brand and resumed my normal tea consumption. While searching for some Earl Grey, I had read an article from Royal Majestea, and quickly realized that I should have been more careful about selecting tea that had pregnancy stamped on the label. Surprisingly, a common herbal tea to avoid during pregnancy is Chamomile. It does help with sleeplessness and inflammation, but it has been reported to have adverse effects on the uterus.  I contacted Royal Majestea, and the owner quickly called me back with facts about tea I never knew. For example, have you ever had a cup of Orange Pekoe (medium grade black tea) and wondered why you didn’t taste orange? Well, it’s because Orange Pekoe describes the grade and size of the tea leaves.

I can’t wait until Little Pumpkin Doodle is old enough to go enjoy a formal afternoon tea, with the funny hats and her pinky up in the air.  For now, LPD and I will play tea party at home and I’ll drink my Early Grey from Royal MajesteaSip. Relax. Repeat.

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Thanks for stopping by:)

For more information on tea and the positive effects on your health, please visit Royal Majestea.



  1. lupuswolflupus says:

    I, like your husband love to have my morning coffee. But after being diagnosed with Lupus(an autoimmune disorder which causes inflammation in the body) I too needed to limit my caffeine intake. I knew there were many good reasons to drink green tea but I had know idea chamomille had anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks for the tip. I will be adding chamomille tea to my herbal fight against lupus.

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