Fashion “Friendly” Fridays

As I go through this adventure learning to raise my daughter organically, I’ve realized that part of this journey is learning to Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse. Before Little Pumpkin Doodle was born I shopped at resale and retail stores for her, and have recently applied the rule to myself. I have plenty of clothing in my closet and since I consider myself to be somewhat fashion conscious, I’ve decided to show you how I will turn my closet into an environmentally friendly wardrobe. Starting today, I’ll show you how and what I do personally to Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse my wardrobe.  Also, I’ll be letting you know where I shop to get the most wear out of LPD’s clothing. I hope you enjoy learning more about me with FASHION FRIENDLY FRIDAYS!

I found the cotton blazer at Goodwill for $6 bucks (Lands End 100% cotton) and paired it with a cotton top I purchased from Anthropologie for  a ridiculous amount of money years ago (I’m actually too embarrassed to tell you what I paid for it).  The jeans and the shoes are about 8 years old and to keep them as new as possible,  I wash my jeans inside out and keep my shoes in shoe boxes.
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  1. I have been shopping at second hand stores for years for my kids. I find name brand, good quality clothing every time I do what I call “The Goodwill Run”. That’s when I hit several Goodwills around town to shop for my desired items. I love getting a good deal. But what I love more is when my kids like what I’ve bought them and they can’t tell if it’s store bought or Goodwill bought 🙂
    (always wash items before wearing)
    I will be looking forward to more posts.


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