Belly Bandit Bamboozled

During one of my many OBGYN visits, I did what most pregnant woman do, rub their bellies, stare at each other,  compare swollen ankles, and flip through prego magazines.  I came across an ad for a Belly Bandit.  What is it you might ask?  It’s basically a fancy abdominal compression wrap/girdle that helps reduce the swelling of the uterus and gives you abdominal & back support.  The result is a flatter tummy.

My pregnancy was all in my back, even my labor pain and since I already had back problems, I thought it would be a good idea to purchase the (eco-friendly Bamboo) Belly Bandit.  Now that Little Pumpkin Doodle is older, I realized there are some things I should’ve NEVER purchased and some things I couldn’t live without. I found the Belly Bandit to be bulky and uncomfortable.  In fact, I could’ve saved the money on the darn thing, because right after I had Little Pumpkin Doodle (c-section) the hospital gave me an abdominal wrap.  I found the one from the hospital to give me the support I needed and it wasn’t as bulky underneath my clothing.  Wrapping the belly after pregnancy is nothing new (but it works), but spending your money on the Belly Bandit is just not worth it.

I welcome your comments and would like to hear from you:)

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  1. sabina says:

    I bought it but, i am so upset, they do not even accept returns! It is just waist of money. I ordered M it was to big, they told me to order smaller size only and return the other one it order to get it faster, but they did not accepted it. So now i have M and S and i don’t even use it!!! I am so mad! I was just fooled! I recommend to all new moms to be to just buy a corset at a local stores, where you can wear it and see the product before buying it!

    • Hi Sabina. First off, Thank you for the comment. I agree with you! There are less expensive products and other resources to purchase a compression/corset. I wish I had the oppourtunity to try mine on first. I didn’t bother returning the one from Belly Bandit, since I didnt’ want the hassle. Thanks for stopping by and sharing:) Hope to hear from you again:)

  2. I’ve heard that belly bandit is the best maternity wrap, but there are others out there like taut and belly bumps. What is your experience? Please share.

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