Fashion “Friendly” Fridays

Friday sure came quick this week! Here’s my latest Fashion “Friendly” Friday find.

The 100% cotton dress is a Goodwill find I got for $3 bucks.  The dress just needed a little TLC and after $4.00 at the seamstress it was as good as new.  Final cost $7. The cardigan is an ancient Old Navy sweater (I can’t recall what I paid for it).  And the shoes are from Seychelles (love their shoes). This outfit also looks good with my red ballet flats for a pop of color.

Are you watching the game Sunday? If not, head over to your local resale shop. In my opinion, it’s the best day to go shopping because everyone is watching the game. I love the Superbowl not because I like football (I know nothing about sports), but because I’m hoping to find some great items for next week.  Hope you’re enjoying Fashion “Friendly” Fridays. Have a great weekend!

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