Fashion “Friendly” Fridays

Yeah it’s Friday! It’s been a long stressful week, but thanks to great friends and Memere (French nickname for nanna) we’ve gotten through it. For those of you reading Mommy’s Organics for the first time. Fashion “Friendly” Friday (say that 3 times really fast!) is where I show you how I’m making my closet more environmentally friendly by learning to reduce, recycle, and reuse.

I already have a pale blue sweater very similar to the aqua blue one in the picture. So why did I buy this one? Years ago, while at the Ralph Lauren outlet I fell in love with a sweater set that I thought was $28.00. I stood in a very long line to pay, so when the sales rep rang me up and said it would be $100.00, I almost fell over. I was too embarrassed to put the sweater set back and walked out with buyer’s remorse. Trust me that’s never happened again! So when I saw this sweater for $6.99 in almost mint condition at a women’s resale store, I had to get it.

The dress is Ralph Lauren, which I purchased at Marshalls years ago. The sweater and dress combo reminds me of Easter.

Hope you’re enjoying Fashion “Friendly” Fridays. Have a great weekend!

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