Oops! Mommy said what?!?

When I first had Little Pumpkin Doodle I felt that I did everything wrong. In fact, I remember taking her to the store and watched another mom click her baby’s carrier into a shopping cart and thought duh! that’s how you’re supposed to do it.  I realized that a couple of days prior, I hadn’t clicked LPD’s carrier into the shopping cart and LPD could have fallen to the ground.

I was in awe of women that had more than one child with them at the store; the mother seemed cool, calm and collected and left me feeling like a failure. And most recently, I’ve read other blogs and admired pictures of women looking perfect, with perfect hair, home and children, thinking, who are you kidding, I know it’s all a facade!

Life isn’t perfect and neither am I. Sure, there are times when I look like the mom that has it all together.  I’m dressed cute, hair and make up are done, carrying the designer diaper bag that looks like a purse, and LPD looks like she stepped out of the pages of a baby Gap ad, but let’s face it, as parents not only have you had melt downs, but so have your kids. That’s why I thought it would be fitting to add the Mommy said what?!? category to Mommy’s Organics, enjoy!

A few months ago, LPD and I were driving to see Tante (French for aunt) Lisa and a car cut me off on the freeway, and without thinking I yelled, “YOU FREAKING MORON!”  I looked back and LPD didn’t seem to notice; she continued to look at her book and was oblivious to whole situation.

About a week later we’re on our way to the library when a car cut me off, but this time I was more cautious and said, OOPS!, and LPD quickly responded saying, “YOU FREAKING MORON, YOU FREAKING, YOU FREAKING MORON!”

Now, I know it was completely my fault that LPD said what she did, and that I have to be more careful, but I’m sorry, it made me laugh!

I didn’t acknowledge her saying it, instead I said, “the other car went oops,” and asked her if she wanted to listen to “Wheels on the bus.”

Before you judge, remember, I’m not perfect and neither are you 🙂

Hope you have a great week!  Have  you had a Mommy said what?!? moment? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Immacula Genece says:

    Tks I had a great laugh. That was funny.

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