15 methods to more “Organically” beautiful skin

Since I’ve recently lost my makeup bag, and I’m going to replace the products with organic skin care, it inspired me to share with you how I keep my skin looking “organically” beautiful.

First, let me tell you, I was blessed with genetically good skin. I have my mother and grandmother to thank for that. However, I don’t take it for granted.

The following has held tried and true for me, so hopefully some of the tips will work for you.  P.S. I have combination skin.

1. Before washing my face I wash my hands, sounds anal-I know, but why would you want to wash your face with dirty hands?

2. I change my pillow case every other day-yes, I really do this and now I do the same for Little Pumpkin Doodle.

3. I never sleep with my makeup on. I mean NEVER!

4. I drink water, approx. 4-6 8 ounce glasses a day. I don’t drink soda.

5. I have been wearing moisturizer with sun screen for as long as I can remember, and about 5 years ago I started purchasing under eye cream for daytime with SPF 32. I use Shiseido, it’s not organic, but it’s what I use for now.

6. I’m not afraid to be seen without makeup. In fact, I make it a point to leave my face makeup free during the weekends unless we’re going somewhere special .

7. I get a facial from a licensed esthetician every 3 -6 months. In between visits to the esthetician, I give myself facials. For more great facial recipes visit www.makeyourcosmetics.com. (this site is awesome!)

8. I don’t remember where I learned this from, but before applying make up for a big event, I put a  plain yogurt mask on my face. Let it dry, then rinse. My skin feels soft and ready for moisturizer and makeup.

9. I steam my face about once every 4-6 months. I boil some water, drop a chamomile tea bag or steep some tea from Royalmajestea. BE CAREFUL with the boiling water. Do not put your face to close to the water.  For proper instruction  see you tube video here.  Once you’re finished, rinse with cool water.

10. I use plain old Witch Hazel (it’s the main ingredient in most toners) instead of buying expensive toner, and it’s cheaper too.

11.  For cleanliness, I have wash cloths that are only used to pat my face dry. I use a new one every other day; that way I’m not drying my face with makeup residue from the day prior.

12. I use baby wash cloths with my cleanser – they’re inexpensive and one side is similar to a gentle loofah. I wet the wash cloth, add my cleanser and wash my face in a circular motion, then rinse. Update 2015- I alternate between baby wash cloths and my Clarisonic brush.

13. After thoroughly cleaning my face with cleanser, I rinse my face thoroughly 6-10 times before patting my face dry.

14. Gentle exfoliation-I use 2 tablespoons baking soda, 2 tablespoons honey and a squeeze of lemon. mix well, then gently rub in circular motion. leave on face for 10 minutes, then rinse. It’s a mini facial and cleanser in one.  If there’s any left over, I use it on my hands; when I rinse my face and hands are soft.  For you coffee lovers, here’s a scrub from  PETA,  the Cup of Joe facial scrub .

15. If I do get a blemish, I do not wear makeup over it, I let it breathe put a dab of zit cream and a dab of cortisone to take down the swelling.

As Little Pumpkin Doodle gets older, I’m hoping to teach her to take care of her skin, just like how my mom taught me.

Do have a beauty regime that works for you? Do you have any at home skin care recipes you’d like to share?  Don’t be shy, I’d like to hear from you:)

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Thank you for stopping by:)


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips ; ) These steps are a great way to take care of, not only your skin, but also your health 😉 Great post and I look forward to sharing more 🙂

  2. Great tips. I am also a big fan of witch hazel and been using it for many years.

  3. I know spf in my moisturizer is important but I have always found it to be sticky and it changes the color of my skin. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Anara-I’ve never had that happen. What type of moisturizer with spf have you used in the past? Or did you use a separate moisturizer and a separate sunscreen? I”m currently using Alba Botanica moisturizer with SPF15 and I like it. It’s light and doesn’t feel heavy on my face. I’ve also used Nuetrogena in the past.

  4. Skin is our largest organ so its important to be aware of what we put on it. I also use a baking soda mask, With green tea and I use apple cider vinegar as a toner. I use Burts Bees cleanser,moisturizer&lip balm.

    • Fella-I agree with your statement about skin being our largest organ. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle with what I put into my body. I love sweets although I know sugar is not good for my skin. You’re so green, I love it. I use apple cider vinegar for my hair, but have never tried it as a toner. I’ll have to give it a try. Thank you.

  5. Great post. My wife does the some of the same things. Keep up the good posts! I look forward to reading more.

  6. Immacula Genece says:

    Great tips! When I was a growing up I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup; even now, I only wear makeup occasionally. When I get home from a busy day I wash my face immediately. I feel it’s important to let your skin breathe. People are always surprised when I tell them I ‘m 67 years old.

  7. I loved how you said you are going to pass on on these tricks to your daughter 🙂

  8. I have got to someday stop going to bed with makeup on. It is horrible and there is really no valid excuse for it (laziness isn’t an excuse last I checked).

    • I know it’s hard. If you’re really tired, how about leaving makeup remover wipes next to the bed. At least it’s removing most of your makeup. Thank you for stopping by.

  9. You take very good care of your skin! I’m not that good, actually. I have been using moisturiser since I was 22 or so (I’m 47 now) and that has paid off. But I hardly use any make up so my skin has not suffered from that. I use a moisturiser with sun protection. People say I look younger than I am. What more can a woman want? 🙂

  10. Lucky for me my Mother taught me a lot about taking care of my skin so I had a good start. Cleansing every night is very important along with a good moisturiser. Thanks for all of the great tips. Easy2Save

  11. Thank you for this post. I really struggle with acne and have come to my wits end with over the counter stuff. I have been using honeywash and love it. Thanks for your tips!

  12. These are some great tips. My face is always really dry and I can’t find anything to use that actually helps, I might have to try out some of the things you mentioned to see if they work for me!

    • Thank you Katie. My sister has dry skin too. She likes to use oil to was her face. Have you ever heard of DHC olive-oil based cleanser? She uses it and loves it.

  13. I know what blog I will be forwarding to my teenage daughter, YOURS!! Because everything I tell her is wrong but if someone else says it then it must be right.

    • lol! Thank you. I was just visiting your blog and think it’s awesome that you and your family are American living in Poland, what an adventure! Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I need to listen to all of this… I take terrible care of my skin and I know it, only gonna hurt me in the end, but as i get older here i keep listening to my mothers nagging voice in my head lol!

    • Hi Eschelle, beautiful name by the way. LOL!, Don’t you hate it when your mom’s voice is in your head and she’s right. I wish I was so diligent about my eating habits! Thank you for the comment. If you only try a couple of tips it will make a difference. Let me know if you do. Thank you for stopping by.

  15. You mentioned you wash your face 6-10 times. Is that per day?
    The best thing I’ve found for the occasional blemish is Mychelle “Clear Skin” serum. I’ve never come across a better one in my whole life (and I’m not affiliated with that company!). As a bonus, it’s completely all natural with no parabens or phlates or anything.
    -Viva recently posted Homemade Pizza Dough

    • Hi Daily Citron. To answer your question, after cleansing my face I rinse 6-10 times to make sure I’ve removed all the cleanser:) I wash my face twice a day:) Hope that makes sense. I’m going to check out MYCHELLE clar skin serum, and since it’s all natural I’m excited to check it out. Thank you. We love homemade pizza at my house. I’m heading over to check out your post:) Thank you for stopping by.

  16. I have never really had much of a makeup/facial routine. I would like to have a facial some day, I think it would be soothing. I have been very blessed with good skin. Sometimes my forehead gets a little oily but I rarely have breakouts. My husband’s family all had the really bad acne but our children didn’t inherit that so I was very glad for them because pimples and acne is painful and can affect self esteem when it’s very bad. Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

  17. Jollyjilly says:

    What great tips! I will try them out asap

  18. These are good tips! I just started getting facials twice a year and it is heaven on Earth!

    I have a great recipe for a homemade Brown Sugar Foot Scrub. This recipe has been a favorite of my family and friends and I often make it as small gifts at Christmas!

  19. I really need to take much better care of my skin. I’m really bad about drinking enough water and putting moisturizer on my body (I do get my face everyday). I rarely wear makeup. Thanks for the tips and the links, I’ll be looking into those! 🙂

  20. Thanks for sharing your regime! I never thought to use just plain Witch Hazel as a toner – I’m going to do that!

  21. I love the chamomile idea!

  22. I don’t use makeup but I certainly need to incorporate some of your ideas to make sure my skin is healthier. Thank you for sharing.

  23. I don’t have any tips to share, but I admire your dedication and bet your skin looks awesome!

  24. Now that I am 50-something, I need to take care of my skin better than I do. I can tell the difference that age is making. I just can’t afford the anti-aging products. They are so expensive.

  25. I always go to sleep with my makeup on. I don’t wear a ton of makeup either though so hopefully its not too bad. I also avoid tanning beds.

  26. Great tips! I want to try the yogurt mask; it sounds like it would be delightful.

  27. WOW you do quite a bit but since I do not wear make up most of it does not pertain to me but with 2 step daughters I am going to share these tips with them as they both have beautiful skin and I would like for them to keep it that way.

  28. Your skin must glow! you take such great care of your skin. Thanks for all the tips. I still go to bed with make up on but only very occasionally… I love that all your tips were so budget friendly.

  29. Great tips! Number one seems so logical, yet many people never think to do it. In fact, I forget often. I love using baby wash cloths, they’re much gentler. I also really like witch hazel. I’ll have to try out the steam tip and a few others!

  30. Good tips! I’ve given up coffee and alcohol which has helped my skin quite a bit. I still struggle with sugar but I find when I go low-sugar for a few days my skin looks much better.

    Question: how do you go about finding a good esthetician? I’d like to have a professional facial but I don’t know anyone who does so I don’t know who to ask for a recommendation.

    • Thank you Sarah. I struggle with sugar too. Sugar is my nemesis! Tomorrow, I’m going sugar free all day. I hope I can make it. As to answer your question about finding a good esthetician, I would ask how long they’ve been working in the field. Tell them abouy your skin and your skin routine. No one knows your skin better than you. Although I take good care of my skin, I have sensitive skin. So I don’t want any one that is going to man handle my face and I would never do a peel. Most importantly, ask what products they use and read the ingredients online before going in. Also, if you don’t like what the esthetician is doing speak up. In college, I once went to a place for a facial and was sure the women didn’t wash her hands after visiting the ladies room. I promptly said, your not touching my face, sat up and walked out. I hope this helps.

  31. i love baby washcloths for skincare for me- including makeup removal. so much nicer on my skin- and so much more affordable!!

  32. good for you that you’re doing things organically!!

  33. Great tips, something every woman should do to take care of their skin.

  34. Sounds like you take great care of yourself. Wish I could go back and do a few things differently, but at 50ish, I do what I can.

  35. I’m horrible at skincare. I don’t wear makeup, and I don’t use soap on my face, but other than that, I don’t take any time to do anything special. I could probably get rid of the dry spots on my face if I did…

    • From your picture your skin looks beautiful. If you’re going to do anything, try a moisturizer with sunscreen. At least your skin has a layer of protection from the sun and if you’re too tired to take it off at the end of the day, try leaving a packet of makeup remover wipes next to the bed. 🙂

  36. I have been doing oil cleansing with olive oil and castor oil for a month. My skin already feels younger! For other products, have you seen the Skin Deep database? It’s a great place to verify that your natural products are really safe: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

  37. I am lucky to have good skin too. Umm. I just wash it with water. I have my whole life. Crazy huh?

  38. These are all great tips. And I make sure to wash my hands before washing my face too! Glad to know I’m not the only “anal” one out there!

  39. I don’t wear full makeup often. Most of the time I do only mascara. I try to do full makeup only when we are going somewhere really special.

  40. I have never worn much makeup and lately I haven’t been wearing any makeup at all. I usually only rinse my face with water. But I know there are many different skin types and routines are different from one person to the next. The one about changing your pillowcase every other day is interesting. I usually just change mine when I wash the rest of the bedding. Is there a special reason behind that?

  41. Jeanette Prichard says:

    Great tips! if I feel my skin needs a pick-me-up, I usually make a facial with extra virgin olive oil and sugar 🙂

  42. Last year I bought witch hazel for my pug (to clean her wrinkle). I used it on my face and was amazed at how much dirt it removed. Since then both my 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter have been using this instead of expensive acne facial cleaners. Their acne has for the most part been under control with this — my daughter occasionally has a break out and we use tea tree oil on those blemishes. I have been so happy with these products!

  43. Oh I love great skincare tips- thanks! #14 sounds really fun- I will have to try that!

  44. Very sane and easy-to-follow tips. Some I already knew, others not. Some I follow, others not. 🙂
    I’m for organic care too. Thanks for sharing

  45. I learned a lot from this post. I don’t wear make-up, but there is apparently much more I should be doing to care for my skin! Right now, my facial skin care regimen consists of using a cleanser while in the shower. I need to find a good moisturizer and start doing some homemade facials and steaming.

  46. My home skin care recipe isn’t much of a recipe. I use an old cloth and coconut oil. I rarely wear makeup so don’t worry about removing that 🙂

  47. Bookmarking this. My tip if you use beauty products I would go to EWG’s skin deep database and see what your products are rated in terms of safety. I try to keep under a 2 or 3 depending on the product. Or I just use food products like egg white, yogurt, salt honey, cucumbers anything like that to help keep the skin wonderful.

  48. I really like your post it has some great ideas for skin care. I will have to bookmark it to refer to it later. Thanks for sharing your secrets to skin care.

  49. Great ideas for better skin care. Thanks.

  50. Love the tips here! I’m going to send this to my sister, I think she would be interested!

  51. Great tips…I’m going to go check the website now. I thought I was the only one who used Witch Hazel, but I wish I would have started earlier with taking care of my skin.

  52. I’m not as good as you are with taking care of my skin. I do wear moisturizer with sunscreen and drink lots of water (no soda), but I’m horrible at taking my make-up off at night. I’m usually so fried at the end of the day that I can’t bear to take any longer to get into bed.

  53. Great tips! I too like just plain witch hazel and thanks for the reminder to drink water for good skin!

  54. Thanks for sharing. I don’t wear make up actually…. uhmm just a face powder but i guess I’m not blessed enough because i always get pimples. And I hate it leaving blemishes in my face.

  55. I think you have point with those pillow case. i don’t change it very often. But after reading your post I might make it as a practice.

  56. These are great ideas – thank you! I’ve never tried plain witch hazel, but think I will give it a shot.

  57. Thanks for these tips. Years ago I had a friend who worked at Dermatologist’s office tell me to wear moisturizer with sunscreen. She recommended Purpose and I’ve been wearing it for a long time now.

    • Your lucky you have such a good friend. I’ve never heard of Purpose, so I checked it out. It seems similar to Cetaphil, which I think is a great product; I just wish it was organic.

  58. Great tips! I have pretty good skin I guess. People usually think I am over 10 years younger than I actually am. I always wash makeup off at night and make sure to moisturize afterwards. I exfoliate probably one or twice a month. I will def use some of your tips! Thanks!

  59. Thanks for all the info!

  60. Thanks for sharing these tips. They are very important for your skin. If you want it to like you when you are 50+ start early.

  61. Your skin care tips are great! I’m concerned about taking good care of my skin, too. When I was a kid, I got sunburned quite a few times, and my skin is Northern-European fair. Now, I stay out of the sun and have for most of my adult life.

  62. These are some great tips! For me the biggest thing is just not wearing makeup. Blemishes are rare for me. I have no idea where I got such good facial skin, but it’s nice. I personally really love mark Kay’s moisturizer though. I do have dry skin, and although it doesen’t look bad, it definitely feels better with some moisturizer.

  63. I’ve been using moisturizer with SPF since I was a teenager. Ummm…. for 30 years now! And I have to say that I look younger than most of my friends my age. Could be good genes, but I know the moisturizer and sun block are a big factor. That and the fact that I do not smoke. In my opinion, smoking is the worst thing ever for the skin.

    Thanks for sharing!


  64. Wow, that sounds like a lot of steps! To be honest my “routine” now is to splash water on my face, dry with a towel and call it a day/night! I guess that’s why you have the nice skin and mine is…eh! I do love all the tips though but the only ones I’m currently doing is not wear makeup and drink lots of water and I guess also not sleep with makeup since more than 90% of the time, I’m not wearing any! I totally would like to try the yogurt mask though, that sounds cool, I could use some softer skin, does that really work?! Is it any kind of plain yogurt, does it matter if it’s fat-free?! I don’t think I’ll try them all at the same time, but probably one or two of the tips at a time! Thanks for the tips, can’t wait to try out the yogurt mask soon!

  65. Drinking more water has really improved my skin. Thanks for the list of other simple ways to take care of the body God has given me to use.

  66. Really good tips! It’s so important to be aware of what you put on your skin and what ingredients are in it. Have you found an organic/natural pimple cream that works well for you?

    • Hi Kristin. I agree what you put on your skin is important. I haven’t found a natural pimple cream that works well, but I have researched Tea Tree oil and its supposed to help with pimples. Also I know that Honey is also good, once I do more research I’ll let you know.

  67. Thanks for sharing your beauty tips. As I was reading them, I realized I used to almost all those things, but don’t anymore. 😦 I think kids and life got in the way.

    Around My Family Table

    • I understand. If you just incorporate a few of them back into your routine it’s worth it. By the way, your Key lime pie looks divine. I’m going to attempt to make one.

  68. Great tips! I need to use more of these methods! I rarely us makeup, but that doesn’t mean my skin needs to be neglected!

  69. I have to admit, a bit shamefully, that I abuse my skin and do not take care of it the way I should. Some things I know, like I should wash my face before going to bed and I should use a moisturizer with SPF every day. I’m a bit basic though, so that has always been my excuse. I do not, however, usually wear make up, so there is no need to remove that or worry about it getting on my towels.

    Thanks for the steps. I need to go back and make note of some to implement.

  70. Really interesting tips! I think I’ll try rinsing my face more!

  71. These are so simple!

    I do much of these. I need to work on getting facials and doing them at home in between. The one thing I never thought of was changing my pillow case more often. It makes perfect sense.

    Oh, I read pretty fast but one more thing I like to do is rinse my face will cold water after it is clean. It feels so refreshing.


  72. Sounds great! I have never had a facial, but now I’m thinking about it!!!

  73. Great tips! I still get occasional breakouts and now I have some ideas to get better skin. Thanks 🙂

  74. Oh my gosh, I’m so terrible at taking care of my skin. I should definitely try some of your ideas! Thanks for posting 🙂

  75. I really like this. I used to have extremely horrible skin and even used accutane which saved my skin… now about 10 years later… I get blemishes and it gets frustrating but I don’t like using harsh products on my skin. thanks for all the tips!

  76. Great tips…steaming is soo good to do, I just forget it about! ha

  77. These are great tips on good facial care. I appreciate it. I think I will go buy Witch Hazel now.

  78. I like these tips, thanks for sharing! I’m bad about not washing my makeup off at night, I really need to focus on that.

  79. nice tips. i dont wear much make up but I am bad about moisturizing and washing. I hope to get better in the future! I am going to try the steaming and facemask for sure:)

  80. These are great tips, I definitely need to include the changing of pillowcase more often to my regime!

  81. umthekwan says:

    i love your post. i am not much of a makeup person and love the natural look. thanks for the tips

  82. Rashida Tayabali says:

    I make my own body scrub from mixing salt or brown sugar with some olive oil and honey, leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. Great blog!

    • Hi Rashida. Homemade beauty is the best. I’ll have to try making a scrub with salt; haven’t tried that yet. I’m heading over to take a look at your blog:) Thank you for stopping by.

      • Rashida Tayabali says:

        Hi. I loved reading your blog and I’m a big believer in going organic when I can. Thank you for stopping by.

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  110. I am going to try some of these tips for sure… especially steaming my skin. That sounds so relaxing and soothing! I never thought to buy witch hazel… instead I use a toner that is three times more expensive and it’s first ingredient is witch hazel! Thank you for the heads-up on that!


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