Rocking Chair Re-do

I’ve had this rocking chair since I was two years old. It was in my first apartment after college and has traveled with me everywhere since. I managed to keep it in tact, but more importantly, my hope was that one day I would have a child and they would enjoy it like I did. One of my most vivid memories, is getting in trouble by my mother after my older brother and I used marking pens to color the seat.


Although the seat was in decent condition, it needed a re-do. I was going to take the seat off and re-upholster it, but after careful inspection, I realized that the rocking chair is very well made. So yesterday afternoon while cleaning the family room and folding some laundry it came to me. Why not spray paint the chair! I could use the jute placemat that I’m using for a tabletop cover for the seat cover, and staple it right over the seat.

Turns out the spray paint was too messy and drippy. I ended up using Behr prime and paint in one. To dress it up, I took an old dishcloth and pinned it inside out to make a slip cover of sorts.  Little Pumpkin Doodle noticed the change as soon as she walked in the room. I like it and hope you like it too.


Do you like it with the slip cover or without?  Let me know:)

Feel free to let me know. Hope your having a great day.



  1. The slipcover hides the beauty of the chair. Great re-do!

  2. The chair looked good in brown and then I scrolled down and wow! it looks great in white. I agree don’t cover the chair with the slip cover its too beautiful. I think about doing things like that but Ive decided I get my joy from purchising items not creating them lol.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Wow, what a great job on the redo. I have to say I really like it without the slipcover, a placemat to cover the seat I never would have thought of that. It looks great. I am sure your LPD will love it just as much as you do.

  4. Immacula Genece says:

    Congratulations! you took good care of that chair, I can’t believe you’ve had it since you were two, WOW. Good job looks beautiful, a little white paint can do wonders.


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  2. […] this is your first visit to Mommy’s Organics, subscribe or follow us on Facebook and catch up here with previous […]

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