Will I always be a MAC girl? UPDATE:maybe not!

Yesterday, I met my long time friend Christie, for a long overdue catchup session at my favorite organic restaurant.  Christie and I have known each other long before husbands and kids, but hadn’t actually sat down for a real conversation in over 5 years. Since we arrived at the restaurant early we were able to take a stroll and walked by NuboNau a  natural and organic skin care boutique. I had passed it a few times, but never had the opportunity to walk in. We were greeted by Candle Horton, their Aesthetician. She was very patient, while Christie and I stood in the middle of the store  gabbing away before we looked around.  I asked Candle about their organic  facials and happened to mention that I had recently written a blog posting about trying Eve Organics lipstick and that I was still in search of a comparable product to MAC’s Veruschka. I told her that I  liked the ILIA cosmetic brand, but you could only buy it online. Well I was wrong, because not only did they carry the brand, they had ILIA’s lipstick Femme Fatale, which Candle tole me I would love. It must have been fate, because it’s almost an exact match to Veruschka. After one swipe of the tester, I was sold. I guess I’m not a MAC girl after all!


1. Dark Brandy Red-feels like a lip balm when you put it on, but has a deep saturated color.

2. All ILIA products are made with up to 85% certified organic ingredients that nourish the skin.

3.Vegetarian ingredients

5. Reasonably priced $24.00 o.k. so maybe a little expensive for a tube of lipstick, but worth every penny!

Cons:In my opinion there aren’t any

Overall-I give it 5 out of 5  pumpkins

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IT’S YOUR TURN: Have you made the switch to an organic beauty product that is just as good as the non organic product? I would like to hear from you.

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