Here’s a FANTASTIC way to recycle your child’s pajamas!

A few weeks ago while walking through the myriad of street fair vendors with Little Pumpkin Doodle (LPD), Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Bill. A woman stopped us to give LPD a bag of goodies. The volunteer was from Leez PJ’s 4 Kids– a non-profit that collects PJ’s for kids in need. You donate your child’s pajamas that they have outgrown and the charity gives them to children in need. The organization will pick the PJ’s up from your home and you get the tax right off. Their motto is “They might not get a hug and kiss every night, but we can make sure they have a pair of pajamas.”

LPD is tall so she outgrows her PJ’s quickly, so I’m looking forward to donating her pajamas to a worthy cause. Leez PJ’s 4 kids happens to be in San Diego, CA, so if you’re not in the area, check out the following links to help children in your area. – clothing for infants – safe playgrounds – provides books

Above are only a few, but if there’s a way to donate some of your childs clothing, toys and books I say, why not! Hope you’re having a great Wednesday. I’m heading off to Oregon to see my sis and will be tweeting from there. I’m looking forward to it! Have to go and pack.

As always, Thank you for stopping by:)

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  1. […] Here’s a FANTASTIC way to recycle your child’s pajamas! […]

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