Organically Oregon

imageHi There! I decided to do a post since I’ve been having problems with my phone. I flew into Portland two days ago and couldn’t get over the fact that it was so green. Once we left the airport the city looked like the opening credits of Portlandia. I had to play the Portlandia theme song as we headed down town.


The pictures above and below are from Voodoo Doughnuts. Before I left for Portland, I started checking out interesting places to eat with the Urban Spoon App, but by the time I landed, my POS phone was giving me problems. So my sis and I decided to wing it, and we happened to park 10 feet away from Voodoo Doughnuts without consulting a GPS. It was meant to be. As soon as we walked in we heard techno beats and started drooling over the display case with the plethora of doughnuts covered in fruit loops, bacon and the smell of fresh coffee. What made this experience so fun were the funny doughnut names like: the No Name, which is a raised yeast doughnut, with chocolate frosting, rice krispies and peanut butter. My sis and I decided on the  Dirt Doughnut, which is a raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting and crushed Oreos, and yes; it was as good as it looks. It was very rich, so thank goodness we split it!



Yesterday morning, Sis and I headed to the local resale stores. She scored a sleeping bag, two pairs of jeans, a queen sized comforter, all for $22.00 bucks and everything is in great condition.

I purchased two skirts, two dresses for Little Pumpkin Doodle and two pairs of brand new leggings for moi, all for $17.57 not bad, but Sis did better. Best part, there’s no sales tax in Oregon!

After our shopping whirlwind, she took me to one of her favorite places. Cafe Yumm! Over 50% of their ingredients are organic including their brown rice, red beans, free range eggs, tofu, butter, and more. This places goes one step further and uses environmentally friendly lighting, flooring, wall covering and table tops (made from a 100%  post consumer recycled paper or crushed sunflower seed shells). I felt healthier just walking into the place. The cafe was packed and since we were hungry we decided to order a few items. I ordered the small Original Yumm! see below. The bowl has organic


brown rice and Oregon-grown, organic black beans layered with their Original Yumm! sauce topped with organic mild red salsa. This tasted like Chipotle with a twist, but a whole lot healthier. We also ordered the Tofu skewer which was organic tofu baked and glazed with BBQ sauce. My sis didn’t like it, so I got it all to myself. If you’re asking why there’s no picture, simply, my fork was faster than my camera! We also ordered the Nori Wrap which came with jasmine rice, green soybeans, asian slaw served with nori wrapping. I thought it was delicious, but Sis only took a couple of bites.

It’s very easy to eat organically here.  Continue to read the Twitter feed on the blog for my trip updates. Hope you’re having a great Friday!



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