I’m in an Oregon state of mind


Sunday morning was hectic, I had lost my debit card and after looking for three hours needed a break. Instead of getting upset, Sis and I went out for a cocktail at The Vintage. Known for their fondue, tapas, crepes and cocktails, Sis figured it was a great way to forget my loss.

The Vintage was part bistro and antique house. The staff made us feel welcome and looked surprised when we told them we wanted to sit inside. Apparently 70 degrees was an unusually warm day in Eugene, Oregon which explains everyone wanting to sit outside.




I had the St. Citrine-house infused grapefruit vodka, with St. Germaine elderflower liqueur on the left, refreshing and Sis had a glass of champagne.

All their house cocktails were infused with anything from lavender to Habanero peppers.


The cocktails were so good we had to get another round. I had the Spicy Margherita with Habanero infused tequila on the right. The Spicy Margherita was not for the faint at heart. Sis had the Cucumber Gin Fin Fizz on left with infused cucumber gin and orange. Her drink was so good and refreshing, I wish I had ordered it.

We finished our cocktails and walked around down town. My sis kept saying how warm it was. I didn’t really believe her, but while walking down the street people had their windows open and were saying how they couldn’t believe the heat. I thought it was great.


We stopped into a place called the Jazz Station where an open mic was in full swing. We missed most of it, but the lady pictured was fun to watch.

We then entered a place called the Cow Fish where we met Traylor Trash, the bodacious drag queen pictured on the left and played a game of trivia. We had to have team names, so sis and I were team Brown Sugar and we played against the Old Farts. We had five rounds of trivia and played for a $20 bar tab. I’m proud to say we one, and shared our good fortune by buying drinks for the Old Farts.

We ended our evening at the Sweetlife Bakery. This place was amazing! We had the Mint cupcakes. Sorry no pics, we were too busy enjoying our cake.

Hope you enjoyed the pics from my trip to Oregon.

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