Fashion “Friendly” Friday

Happy Friday! For those or those of you that have been reading, you know that I spent some time in Oregon and was thrilled by all the resale stores. If this is your first time stopping by, Fashion “Friendly” Fridays is where I’m trying to reduce, recycle and reuse my wardrobe to make it more green friendly.

Here’s what I found for Little Pumpkin Doodle during my stay.

The coral dress is Cherokee and is big for LPD, but should be perfect for next summer. It was $3.00 bucks in perfect condition.

The pink skirt is Children’s Place. I like the Children’s Place brand since they put adjustable elastic bands inside their skirts, pants and jeans. I paid $2.50 and it has cotton lining and is really well made with pretty lace details.

The dress is Old Navy, ($2.50) and although LPD’s Nanna bought her one very similar, I thought another in a bigger size was perfect. The one Nanna gave her is a clothing staple, so I’m hoping she won’t notice when I swap it out when she out grows it for this one.

Finally, the skirt is Old Navy and I picked it up for $1.50. LPD won’t be able to fit into it now, but it will be perfect for her by July at the rate she’s growing.

I’m hoping by next Friday I’ll finally have the items I purchased a month ago back from the dry cleaner to share with you.

As for this weekend, we are taking it easy and going to visit the Flower Fields by our home with Grandpa.

Thank you for helping Mommy’s Organics grow! Enjoy your weekend. If this is your first time stopping by subscribe or like us on Facebook 🙂 and catch up on previous posts here.

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? Do you have a favorite Mother’s Day memory? Would love to hear from you.

P.S. If you live in the North County area of San Diego, CA there’s a new resale store in town SugarPlumKidz. I don’t usually name the resale stores I go to besides Goodwill, but this one is more like a boutique and doesn’t have the stinky smell when you walk inside. The staff is great and the clothing is immaculate.


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