May is Foster Care Month

Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I was treated to breakfast in the morning by Hubby and Little Pumpkin Doodle, then spent the afternoon at a gorgeous flower field over looking the ocean.

I’m not a big fan of commercialized holidays, but yesterday was a good reminder to be thankful, not only mothers, but for all the people in your life and your child’s life you look to for support.

So this is a big THANK YOU! to all my friends and family that help Hubby and I raise our Little Pumpkin Doodle.

This month is Foster Care Month and it’s a good reminder that not all children have the love and support from family and friends. Sometimes there are caring people who need to step in and take care of them. So, please join me in supporting foster children through Fostering Memories. They’re trying to secure enough donations to continue the work at Polinsky Children’s Center, the emergency transition placement for children just removed from their homes or placements. To learn more visit their website


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