Wordless Wednesday

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Warning Benzocaine and Babies Not a Good Mix

Is your little one teething? If so, hold off on the over-the-counter products such as Anbesol and Baby Orajel. Did you know that children under two and some adults are susceptible to a rare but serious–and sometimes fatal–condition called methemoglobinemia which greatly reduces the amount of oxygen carried through the bloodstream. And children under 2 years old appear to be at particular risk. [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday on Sunday!

Good Morning Sunshine:) Hope you had a great weekend and were able to relax with family and friends, or took some much-needed time for yourself. Can Pinterest be a hobby? If so, then it’s one of my favorite past times. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pins from the weekend. Enjoy!


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Fashion “Friendly” Friday-How to Get More Use Out of Onesies

Happy Friday! For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, Fashion “Friendly” Friday is where I show you how I’m turning my closet into an environmentally friendly wardrobe by learning to Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.

This posting is a little different, let me explain. We’ve been pretty lazy about potty training Little Pumpkin Doodle, but after she had an accident on the sofa we decided to get it together.

We thought we were doing the right thing by asking LPD if she had to go potty and then encouraging her to use the potty by giving her praise. Even after all the praise, she continued to pee in her pull ups. It was no surprise when I picked her up from daycare last week that she was wearing a different outfit then what I put her in that morning. [Read more…]

Your Baby Knows What You’re Eating

It’s Monday already and only 17 days until the first official day of summer! I’ve been in vacation mode since Little Pumpkin Doodle’s Nanna left two weeks ago. This past weekend was busy; we spent time working on our little herb garden adding Cilantro and Lemon Balm while hanging out with great friends.

I recently read an article that explained that your baby knows what you’re eating before they’re born. The gist was that a baby’s taste buds are more developed before birth since your little one is getting their nutrients from the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid. Could this be why Little Pumpkin Doodle likes pickles so much? Could the reason why I like ice cream so much be because my mother ate it all during her pregnancy. Heck, I don’t even know if that’s true, but it sure sounds like a good excuse. [Read more…]

How to Read the New Sunscreen Labels

Since I live in southern California I wear sunscreen all year around. Even Little Pumpkin Doodle knows that when she plays at day care to ask for sunscreen before she heads outside. Since summer is around the corner, I thought it was time to purchase new sunblock.
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Fun in the Flower Fields


Yesterday we went the Carlsbad Flower Fields to visit the beautiful gardens featuring Ranunculus. I’m obviously not a photographer, so the photos don’t do the flower fields justice. Little Pumpkin Doodle was so happy, not only did she get to see the flowers, but we took a wagon tractor tour (tractors are LPD’s favorite all terrain vehicle) provided by the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum. For those of you that live in San Diego or plan on visiting, the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum is a lot of fun for the little ones! [Read more…]