Is your baby the Happiest baby on the Block?

English: A 3 week old swaddled infant

LPD became continually agitated and I did what my instincts told me to do, rock her. Since rocking her back and forth didn’t seem to soothe her, I decided it was time to check out the books and CD’s that were given to me by couple of my girlfriends.  Among them were the answer to my prayers,  The Happiest baby on the Block book and CD.  I remember reading the book, well I should say skimming, and thinking this makes sense, but when I watched the video my whole world changed.  It was amazing how the doctor was able to take any fussy newborn, and within seconds quiet them down into a peaceful slumber.  You have to see it to believe!  There are so many types of swaddlers, but I purchased one with organic cotton with velcro closures and quickly realized that LPD would wiggle out like Houdini.  I was never as good as my godsister (the Doulah) or my hubby.  My godsister recommends a good old-fashioned receiving blanket. So when a friend is having a baby, they always recieve The Happiest baby on the Block.

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