Superbowl Satisfied

I’m sure that a lot of you watched the game yesterday and I didn’t care who won.  Honestly, the only thing I was interested in were the commercials and the half time show.  After all, isn’t the Superbowl just another excuse to over indulge. [Read more…]


Mom, Where did you get this smoothie?

During the holiday season, I received a gift card to a “smoothie establishment.”  While out doing errands with Little Pumpkin Doodle, I’d forgotten my diaper bag along with her snack. It was close to lunch and she started getting cranky.  Since I had a few more errands to run, I sensed it was time to use the smoothie gift card. [Read more…]

Farmer Girl and the Farmers Market


Image by CLC Photography via Flickr

Little Pumpkin Doodle loves to go the local farmers market on Wednesday to buy her organic carrots.  I’m convinced there is one farmer who purposely grows kid friendly sized carrots so that kids try them.  My hubby and I have tried to ensure that our daughter gets a healthy organic start in life, so we’ve introduced her to edamame, sea weed, hummus and greek yogurt at an early age. [Read more…]