10 Steps to prepare for baby, so you can catch some zzzz’s

Hi There! I would like to welcome guest blogger Nina from Sleeping Should be Easy. This is the second time Nina has contributed to Mommy’s Organics and I’m thrilled. She’s here today with some great tips on how to prepare for baby, so you can actually get some sleep.

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Motherhood-Why didn’t Someone tell ME it would be like this?!

The other day I put the following question out to a few of my fellow bloggers who have children:

What is the one piece of advice you wished someone would have given you before you had children?

Special Thanks to Deidre, Nina & Anjanette 🙂

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Oops! Mommy said what?!?

When I first had Little Pumpkin Doodle I felt that I did everything wrong. In fact, I remember taking her to the store and watched another mom click her baby’s carrier into a shopping cart and thought duh! that’s how you’re supposed to do it.  I realized that a couple of days prior, I hadn’t clicked LPD’s carrier into the shopping cart and LPD could have fallen to the ground.

I was in awe of women that had more than one child with them at the store; the mother seemed cool, calm and collected and left me feeling like a failure. [Read more…]